The 19th Conference of the European Wound Management Association in cooperation with the Finnish Wound Care Society FWCS was held in Helsinki, Finland.  The theme of the conference was:

“Healing, Educating, Learning and Preventing in Wound Care”

More than 2.000 participants benefited from high level scientific presentations, network with each other, exchange data and evaluate clinical practice.

The next EWMA conference will take place in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2010. For further information, please visit www.ewma.org/ewma2010.

Sue Bale, EWMA Recorder
Zena Moore, EWMA President
Anna Hjerppe, FWCS President

Am i not Too Old for losing weight fast? Suggestions for Productive Fat reduction After 45

It could be no mystery that excess fat gets tougher to deal with as a body ages. Metabolic process, muscular mass, and pure hormonal changes play a big part with female weight reduction right after 40.

Numerous girls think that no matter how tough they will exercise and how careful they are about handling what they actually eat, reducing your weight after FORTY FIVE is surely an uphill war just where results are often tricky to find.

Weight loss for women following 50 can become a lot more challenging as the body’s natural aging process, loss in muscle mass, and lowered activity levels tends to make burning calories and fats even more difficult.

Keep these pointers in mind to achieve healthy and balanced, lasting weight management effects no matter what your age:

Retain Activity Levels in Par With Existing Eating Habits

You have no to train for a convention to maintain a healthy weight-but you do want to take into account that as the body age range, a natural decline within metabolism often causes it to be more difficult to have pleasure in calorie-rich snacks with no compensating with some kind of calorie-burning activity.

Reducing your weight after 50 will become increasingly difficult given that overall activity quantities tend to decline as our bodies age. The trick to trying to keep weight in check is to discover realistic balance in between healthy eating habits as well as regular exercise to keep individuals natural, age-related within metabolism in check. More information about diet pills visit garciniacambogiawheretobuy.org

High Energy Depends on Steady Blood Sugar Levels

Eating recurrent, smaller meals the whole day can have a beneficial effects on energy levels and help retain blood sugar consistent. With no major shifts inside blood glucose levels it is possible to keep fatigue from increasing and maintain healthier, a lot more productive activity degrees.

Try eating at the very least five small dinners a day to keep our bodies feeling fuller, longer-and always avoid choosing more than three to four time without a healthy munch. The goal this is to avoid putting your whole body into starvation function, which can have the damaging effect of shutting lower the metabolism and creating it to go directly into “emergency” mode, the location where the body’s natural reply is to hold on to energy and fat retailers rather than burning these.

Try to Take in in Line With Your Body’s Natural Wake and also Sleep Cycle Professionals agree that feeding on a good breakfast can certainly help in boosting the particular metabolism and help increase weight loss. Unfortunately, the alternative is also true-eating soon after 8 p. meters. can often be detrimental to keeping a healthy weight.

The particular timing of servings can be one of the most challenging things to manage within a busy day-and existence often gets in the way regarding any predetermined consuming schedule. If you find yourself eager in the late evening a long time, focus on clean ingesting: simply keep people carbs to a minimum along with indulge in a metabolism-boosting protein and veggie-rich meal instead.

Trick Your Metabolism to be able to Burn Calories With Fat-Fighting Snacks

Losing weight immediately after 40 is not really about how precisely much you eat, but some of us wonder what you eat that really concerns. Foods that are reduced carbohydrate and loaded with protein can actually enable you to burn calories and enhance weight loss by building muscles.

Experts agree in which having a solid key and lean muscle mass can certainly help the body lose weight even while resting-making your entire body a consistent fat burning central heater by default.

Integrate Lifting weights Exercises That will Build Muscle to Reduce fat 24 hours per day Muscle mass the natural way declines with time, making it more difficult to help keep that calorie-burning central heat running like it accustomed to. The more muscle mass the system has, the more successfully the metabolism can easily burn calories and body fat.

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Get a Good Night’s Sleeping to Rev Your current Metabolic Engine

Lack of sleep . can have a detrimental impact on body weight due to the dysfunction of certain human hormones. Research has shown which our metabolism is most productive while we sleeping and that getting lower than six hours rest per night may actually have a negative influence on our glucose levels-which impairs the body’s ability to regulate fat gain.

To Maintain a normal Weight at Any Time, Focus on Achievable, Reasonable Cardio Goals regarding Lasting Results The metabolic engines prosper on the slow-and-steady method where consistency is essential. Start small and give attention to activities you enjoy to obtain big results-if an individual hate running yet love walking using a group, commit to the game that you know you’ll look ahead to in the long run.

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The 2013 edition of the EWMA conference will take place in Copenhagen, 15-17 May 2013

More than 600 scientific presentation at EWMA 2009

EWMA UCM (University Conference Model) ran for the 3rd time at the EWMA Conference

 A symposium in Russian was held at the EWMA 2009 conference


Conference venue:
Helsinki Exhibition &

Convention Centre
Helsingin Messukeskus
Messuaukio 1
PL 21, 00521 Helsinki


Conference Secretariat
EWMA Business Office
C/o Congress Consultants
Martensens Allé 8
DK-1828 Frederiksberg C

Tel.: +45 7020 0305
Fax: +45 7020 0315

Email: ewmaewma.org


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