First Time Presenters Prize

This award is designed to encourage people, who have not previously presented their work at an international conference. To be eligible for this prize you must have submitted your abstract to EWMA and you must be a "novice presenter".

That is, you should not have presented previously at an international conference. Papers that have been submitted elsewhere are not eligible for this prize. A panel of judges will attend the presentation sessions.

Value of prize:
The value of the First Time Presenter prize is € 450.

The winners of the EWMA 2009 First Time Presenters prize are:

Anita Mäkelä of Finland
Cross-sectional survey of the occurence of chronic wounds within the capital region of Finland

Stijn Westerbos of the Netherlands 
Effectiveness of iodine in wound care.

Poster Prizes

These awards are designed to reward the considerable work that goes into preparing a poster for presentation at the conference. To be eligible for consideration you must have a paper accepted for poster presentation at the EWMA 2009 conference.

Posters that have been submitted/presented elsewhere are not eligible for a poster prize. A panel of judges will attend the poster session, and authors are strongly encouraged to be present at these sessions in order to answer questions concerning their work.

The panel will award 3-5 poster prizes.

Value of poster prizes:
The value of each poster prize will be € 200.

The winners of the poster prizes are:

Gerard Koel, Fritz Oosterveld, the Netherlands
P30 Review. Electrotherapy for stimulation of wound healing

Paula Ashforth, Finland
P166 A Change Management Processof a Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Tool in a Neuro-Disability Health Care Setting

Stella Amesz, Louk P van Doorn, Michiel Leijnen, Pascal Steenvoorde, the Netherlands
P178 Variability in Wound Phase Assessment Among Experts and  Non-Experts Using the Rijnland Wound Model

Britt-Susann Kvist, Gun-Lis Smeds, Tiina Pennannen, Finland
P181 Complex Wounds – A model for the Management of Hard-to-Heal Wounds (Changed title)


Conference venue:
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